KNZ Salt Licks

Everyone who raises livestock is concerned for their well being. Healthy animals yield more milk and meat and breed more, providing a better return on investment. Getting their intake right is essential. Feed and additional nutrition does not always provide adequate salt because individual requirements vary. A lack of salt can result in loss of appetite, weight loss, a decrease in milk yield in cows, breeding problems, reduced growth and a decline in natural resistance.

The solution is to allow animals to decide how much additional salt they want. KNZ free choice salt licks do that. They are high quality and contain no artificial colouring, flavouring, sweetener or aromatic ingredients. Research studies have shown milk yield increases of up to 5% in dairy cows.

Products available:

KNZ Basic 100 - Provides cows with a palatable source of pure salt to supplement their everyday intake. Body weight, growth rate, pregnancy age, lactation phase and milk yield all affect how much salt individual cows need. Some require almost twice as much salt as others. KNZ Basic 100 ensures every cow gets all the salt it needs. Comes in 10kg. 

KNZ Tradition Universal - Provides salt  to stimulate the appetite as well as trace elements such as magnesium, selenium, iodine, zinc and copper. Also comes in 25kg size for use in pasture land. 

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