Local granulated lime production launched for NI farming sector

Granulated lime production launched by OMYA at Glenarm, County Antrim, in partnership with specialist merchant Morton’s of Banbridge.

Agricultural specialists Joseph Morton Ltd (Morton’s) is working in partnership with leading global producer of industrial minerals OMYA to provide farmers with top quality lime produced locally that they can spread themselves. The ‘Granucal’ high calcium liming product, historically produced and imported from Germany, is now being manufactured for the Northern Ireland market at OMYA’s new production plant in Glenarm, County Antrim. Andrew Crockett, of OMYA said, “Granucal is made from very fine particles of calcium carbonate formed into a granule, which is used by Northern Ireland farmers to improve the condition and fertility of their soil. As specialists in agronomy, Morton’s were the ideal partner to introduce the first granulated lime into Northern Ireland, 12 years ago. We have been working with Morton’s since then in developing the market and are delighted that we can now offer farmers a locally manufactured product. Having production based at Glenarm significantly reduces the carbon footprint associated with importing the product.” Ray Morrison from Morton’s underlined the importance of soil health and the company’s commitment to working with the Northern Ireland farming community to optimise the fertility of local soils, “The recent decision made by the European Commission to throw out the proposed Soil Framework Directive, reaffirms that the responsibility to protect and maintain the condition and long term fertility of soils lies with the farming community. “As a company that gives careful, targeted advice based on soil analysis, we are pleased to be able to offer Granucal, a high calcium granulated lime, which is now being locally produced in Glenarm,” Ray said.

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