Morton’s now providing premium silage film

Joseph Morton Ltd has announced a new deal with Barbier Plastic Solutions to distribute its Silostar silage film in Northern Ireland.

Silostar, which is manufactured in France, uses 100% new raw materials in the production of the silage film, which gives it a quality superior to other products on the market which are made from recycled materials - thereby enabling farmers to preserve high quality forage.

The thickness of the film is 115 microns and it comprises a unique five layer technology combining UV protection, perforation resistance, and tear and warp resistance.  It is also safe for food products.

Morton’s Technical Sales Adviser Jonathan Dunn said: “We are delighted to be giving our customers access to the best silage film available on the market.  A poor quality silage cover could cause between 5 to 10% in losses during the storage period, so investing in a premium quality cover can lead to big savings for farmers.  We have had really positive feedback from our customers about this product and expect interest to increase over the next period.”

During the storage period before opening there can be around 10% losses due to the presence of oxygen in the silo and to an extended fermentation .

Dry matter and nutritive value losses in silage come from four origins: two of them are visible - losses through leakages when fodder is ensiled (effluents) where DM is less than 25-27% and mouldy parts which are unfit for consumption. The other two are not visible, however these account for the majority of losses - gases from respiration and from anaerobic fermentation after opening the silo.  These can lead to a decrease in the nutritive value of the feed and consequently may have a harmful effect on the herd if mycotoxins are present.

A high quality silage film is increasingly recognised as an essential element of minimising losses and enhancing the quality of forage on farm.

Steve Price of Barbier said: “The quality of the Silostar film is second to none.  It offers high resistance and UV protection, and also adheres to forage, which ensures that less air is trapped under the film.   It is also extremely easy to unfold, which is especially important in windy conditions, and offers an environmentally friendly option as less material is used in its production.  Investing £1 in silostar can save you £6 in losses, so it is a very worthwhile investment.”

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