New hybrid rye stands high

Morton's advisor for Mid Ulster, David Shilliday, is pictured in a field of KWS Magnifico hybrid rye, a new crop to Northern Ireland, hybrid rye has a number of attractive qualities.

“KWS Magnifico is a new high yielding hybrid rye, suitable as a wholecrop for livestock or biogas production,” said David Shilliday. With yields in excess of 15t/ acre fresh it offers a wholecrop with high DM yields, D Value and starch.

“Agrochemical inputs are lower than for either winter wheat or barley, much like that of triticale and, notably, the crop has a well developed root system, which extracts nutrients from greater soil depths better than most cereals. This minimises N-loss during the winter,” said David.

Further reports on hybrid rye will come during the season but crops across the province are already showing good potential. Harvest is expected at the end of July or early August which will allow the following crop to be sown on time. To find out more about KWS Magnifico contact the Morton’s team.


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