Countryside Management

Countryside Management

The Northern Ireland Countryside Management Scheme (CMS) was launched in June 2008 under Measure 2.2 of the Rural Development Programme 2007-2013.

The Scheme gives financial encouragement to farmers for adopting farming practices that benefit the environment. Morton’s range of products to support farmers in the area of countryside management include:

Pollen and nectar mixtures

A variety of legumes and non-legumes that flower at different times to provide a continuous supply of pollen and nectar for bumblebees, butterflies and other insects from March to September. These mixtures must only be sown on improved or arable land.

Rough grass margin mix

This mixture consists of a number of grasses from the approved list.

Green cover options

Whilst not widely used in Northern Ireland, these are becoming increasingly popular, used either for winter or spring green cover.

Mixtures and game cover mixtures

One Year Mixed Crop is sown every spring and contains a spring cereal and one of the following – quinoa, oilseed rape, linseed or mustard. Morton WB4 is the most popular mix in this group. WB4 contains Spring triticale, Spring oats and linseed.

Two Year Mixed Crop contains kale plus at least one of the following – quinoa, Spring oats, Spring wheat, Spring triticale or linseed. Morton’s WB2 in the most popular mix in this group. The Morton mix contains Spring triticale, Spring oats, kale and linseed.

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