Soil Sampling

Regular soil sampling is good practice for all nutrient applications, whether in the form of slurry, farm yard manure or chemical fertiliser. Soil sampling improves nutrient use efficiency as soil fertility status, crop history and crop requirements are all taken account of before making judgements on what level and form of nutrients to apply to maximise crop returns.  Also, under the current Phosphorus Regulations soil sampling is mandatory before any chemical phosphorus can be applied to minimise losses to the environment and preserve the diminishing supply of this important nutrient.

Soil sampling should be carried out at least once very four years on each field as part of a planned approach. For accurate results it is important that land this is to be sampled should not have received any fertiliser (chemical or organic) in at least 6 weeks. The size of area from which one sample can be taken can vary, but should not exceed four hectares.

The soil sample result is only ever as good as the soil sample taken. To have your field's soil sampled by the Morton's team please contact us on 028 4066 2521. The results that you receive will include indices for phosphate, potash, magnesium and pH. Fertiliser recommendations for each crop will be given enabling accurate and economic nutrient applications to be made. 

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