Slurry Additives

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Slurry additive saves time & money

Independent research and on farm experience shows numerous benefits of slurry additive. Slurry additives are not new. They have been around for more than 40 years in various forms but are really starting to come of age now as farmers become more and more eager to reduce their fertiliser bills without negatively impacting performance.

Less Mixing

Slurry is not a consistent material and when stored separates into distinct layers of bottom sludge, a liquid middle and a floating crust of fibrous material. This makes pump out difficult and nutrient uptake less efficient. The biological action of SlurriNprove prevents the build-up of sludge in the bottom of the tank and works from the bottom of the crust up to minimise its formation. On farm experience has seen significant reductions in the time taken to mix treated tanks.

Less Grass Taint

Because of its improved consistency many farmers report that treated slurry tends to wash into the ground quicker with fewer residues left behind. This could limit the chance of slurry contamination affecting silage fermentation.

More Nutrients Retained

By boosting the microbial population SlurriNprove “organically binds” or “fixes” the nitrogen and minerals. This is probably the biggest financial benefit to farmers due to the reduction in purchased fertilizer needed. ”  Independent research completed by Kingshay in 2011 showed that SlurriNprove cost only 51p per cow per month but delivered an impressive £1.54 in improved Nitrogen value alone.

Less Odour

More nutrients retained naturally means less gases given off and less smell associated with these gases. This can be a big plus for those farming close to residential areas. Regardless of this benefit farmers should always take the necessary precautions when working with slurry. The point of mixing should be secure before commencing and houses should be well ventilated with all people & animals having been vacated.

Higher Dry Matter

Little to no water needs to be added to SlurriNprove treated slurry due to its improved mixing quality. Treated slurry therefore has a higher dry matter so less tanker loads are needed to deliver the required nutrients. This significantly reduces fuel or contactor costs. Feedback from farmers with umbilical systems may also mean treated slurry can be pumped further and faster than raw slurry.

Together these benefits mean there is huge potential for SlurriNprove to help farmers make better use of this resource and reduce waste from their farming system. If you are interested in learning more about what SlurriNprove can do for your farming business please contact Morton's on 028 4066 2521.