Speed is of the essence when it comes to silage making

Anyone making silage knows how important it is to cover the ground quickly. The more acres that can be ensiled per day, the happier the farmer – and the contractor.

Someone who knows this only too well is Joe O’Hare of County Down Contractor J. D. O’Hare, based at Katesbridge, just outside Banbridge.   A long-standing customer of Joseph Morton Ltd, the family business runs three forage harvesters.  The latest addition to the fleet is a Class Jaguar 970 with 775 hp on tap, which enables them to provide cost effective harvesting to the highest standards under a range of field conditions.


The O’Hare family business aims to tailor their service to the needs of their customers ensuring that as much planning as possible is done in advance.  For example, they will consider factors such as how many acres need to be cut and the target cutting date or stage.


Joe O’Hare said: “Our challenge is to provide an exceptional service for our customers, which in turn enables them to get the most out of their silage.  The advice and support we receive from Morton’s is an important part of helping us to achieve that.  A few years ago we started to use Biotal Low Volume Applicators from Morton’s which means we can now harvest up to 60 acres before having to refill the applicator tank. Valuable down time has been spared which has been good for our customers and good for us. The ability of Biotal inoculants to mix easily and not settle out in the tank or the pipes is also one less thing to worry about in the short harvest windows.”


Howard Murray, Technical Manager with Morton’s, added: “It is really important to cut silage at the right time and apply an additive specific to the conditions. With variable conditions applying the correct additive is important as the challenges faced are quite different. With lower DM grass and low sugars using Axphast Gold helps to overcome the challenges faced when ensiling this type of material. 


“This cut is the most important as the grass growth is vigorous and nutrient rich.  Contractors can often be the lynch pin in the farmer’s quest to make the best silage possible, so it is important to hire someone with the best tools for the job.  O’Hare’s aim to provide a timely service to customers during this very busy period.  This is particularly beneficial when weather conditions are as unsettled and changeable as they are this spring. The ability to get the appropriate team onto farms, when a window of opportunity presents itself, is vital.  The double benefit under such conditions is the Biotal inoculant itself which is proven to enhance the quality of the ensiled grass, resulting in lower wastage, higher silage intakes and improved animal performance.”

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